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your skin contains suns

your skin contains suns,

did you know?

hiding in every pore.

your eyes hold back the seas

in which all life began.

your lips keep still

the sacred sound

of all creation,


use your words wisely,


for love and expansion.

feel the resonance that purrs divine

in your dark mouth,

and in your chest,

when you speak quietly, boldly,

from your depths.

let shallow speech and hollow laughs

melt mercifully away.

let your oceans flow

when you feel yourself

fill with the sadness

that longs to be un-dammed.

stagnant waters pollute

your soul,

making mires

where love can’t flow.

bare your skin to the brightness of the day:

it is a smiling taste of what you’ll become,

which is what you were

before you came.


“god has hair …

“god has hair

on her pussy

and waits

burning with desire

for you.”

Saul Williams – ‘said the shotgun to the head’